Jim Champion Studios                 Ceramics/Timebase Installations
Gehenna 3/15/2013 Matrix Photo 18 of 25
Digital Photograghic Documentation
37" x35" framed total indiviual photos 3" x 5"
Photo 18 of 25.Photographic Documentation of Gehenna performed 3/15 through 3/16 /2013.Row 4 Column 3 Documentation is a matrix displaying the transformation of the piece organized in 5 rows and 5 columns. Each photo is 3" x 5". The descending rows displays the passage of time while the columns indicate the physical organization of the piece. The 1st column has documentation of all the ice houses. The 2nd column displays the documentation of the house on the left. The 3rd column displays the documentation of the middle house. The 4th column displays the documentation of the right house and the 5th column displays details shots of Gehenna. The last row documents the morning sunrise cast on the piece. The pedestal are designed to collect the melt and provide an auditory experiences, Media: Ice, concert, wood, plastic, and metal
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