Jim Champion Studios                 Ceramics/Timebase Installations
I have sought to render the divine without the doctrine and dogma of religion. I studied religious/spiritual art, architecture and ceremony to help me identify elements that are consistently utilized to portray the divine. These elements are light, gravity, color, geometric shape, repetition, scent, and sound. The work utilizes these seven elements along with water for its spiritual symbolism. Water’s ability to transform from solid to liquid to gas and the reverse in conditions within human perception make it an ideal metaphor for the soul.

My work is derived from spiritual teachings, but not limited to a particular religious view. Constructs are eclectic and pulled from spiritual texts, such as the Old Testament, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, and Tripitaka. The titles of my works, which are derived from nursery rhymes, fables and contemporary media provide important associations. These associations can be simplistic and accessible. They teach without direct confrontation, or they may be confrontational, thereby challenging fundamental religious beliefs.